MyCRED add-on



MyCRED add-on for LearnPress can bring reward site interactions, build store reward programs, offer community games or use as analytics, it’s all up to you


  • Build point management system for different purposes


Download and Install

  • Required myCred plugin. Download it for free on
  • To download myCRED integration, visit ‘My Account’ on
  • Click ‘Orders’ and ‘View’ your order
  • Under ‘Order Details’, download the latest version of the plugin
  •  Install and activate both myCRED plugin and myCRED integration as following:
  • Visit ‘WordPress Dashboard > Plugins > Add New’
  • Click ‘Upload Plugin’ and choose the plugin zip files that you just downloaded. Click ‘Install Now’ to start the installation process
  • After plugin installed successfully, click ‘Activate Plugin’ and you will be notified that the plugin is activated
  • The plugin is shown as activated and ready to use
  • Usage

  • ‘Points’ feature is added to Dashboard after add-on activation
  • Visit ‘Points > Hooks’
  • Find the two LearnPress’s hooks in the list and ‘Add Hook’

  • For each hook, you can set up point for different types of activities

  • For more information about using myCRED, please visit


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