Random Quiz add-on

Random Quiz add-on



Random Quiz add-on for LearnPress helps to ensure fairness for everyone when taking quizzes


  • Shuffle the questions in a quiz so students get different quiz from each other
  • Student gets a different quiz for each of his retake


Download and Install

  • After purchasing the plugin, visit ‘My Account’ on thimpress.com
  • Click ‘Orders’ and ‘View’ your order

  • Under ‘Order Details’, download the latest version of the plugin

  • Visit ‘WordPress Dashboard > Plugins > Add New’

  • Click ‘Upload Plugin’ and choose the plugin zip file that you just downloaded. Click ‘Install Now’ to start the installation process

  • After plugin installed successfully, click ‘Activate Plugin’ and you will be notified that the plugin is activated

  • The plugin is shown as activated and ready to use


  • Visit ‘LearnPress > Quizzes’
  • Click ‘New Quiz’ or choose any existed quiz that you want to enable the add-on

  • Under ‘General Settings’, enable the option ‘Random Questions’

Note: This add-on does not pick out questions for a specific amount randomly from the question bank and put them in the quiz. Good news is we are developing this add-on and will launch it as soon as possible. Please stay up-to-date with our products!



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